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Are you looking for the meaning of your name or a special name for the newest member of your family? is the answer to all your questions! provides list on various topics currently we are providing list of Indian baby names with extended list of baby names with their meaning in varuous languages spoken in India. English baby names are also available with meaning and popularity statistics. We have newly added longest list of Japanese baby names. The lists will help parents in naming their new-born and will give him/her a unique identity that will remain attached with him for her/his entire life. So select name from various categories provided on this site. We have a vast collection of names from various cultures.

Baby names by origin English American Indian Biblical Arabic African Japanese Albanian Ancient Armenian Bulgarian Croatian Danish Dutch Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Irish Italian Latin Lithuanian Mythological Norwegian Old Norse Persian Polish Russian Scottish Spanish Swedish Welsh Popular baby names
United States
Boy Girl
#1   Noah
#2   Liam
#3   Mason
#4   Jacob
#5   William
#6   Ethan
#7   James
#8   Alexander
#9   Michael
#10 Benjamin
#1   Emma
#2   Olivia
#3   Sophia
#4   Ava
#5   Isabella
#6   Mia
#7   Abigail
#8   Emily
#9   Charlotte
#10 Harper
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United Kingdom
Boy Girl
#1   Oliver
#2   Jack
#3   Harry
#4   George
#5   Jacob
#6   Charlie
#7   Noah
#8   William
#9   Thomas
#10 Oscar
#1   Amelia
#2   Olivia
#3   Emily
#4   Isla
#5   Ava
#6   Ella
#7   Jessica
#8   Isabella
#9   Mia
#10 Poppy
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Last name origin and meaning Do you know what your last name mean? Browse the list of last names categorised by prevelance:
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