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Whether you want original and unique name for your little angel or a contemporary and bold or a classic name with deep history, have you covered. Furthermore you can browse the girl names alphabetically as well as by their origin and country of use for moms looking for a name that connects their daughter with her roots. While most popular girl names in different countries gives parents an opportunity to sail on unexplored waters. And don't don't forget to view girl naming articles to get new inspirations, in case you are running out of ideas.

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Have a look at the top 30 girl names that are currently trending.

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On, we have organized baby girl names popular in different countries according to years. The arrangement assist parents in faster and further efficient browsing.

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Unique Name for Girls

To cope with growing urge among millennial parents, we have assembled unique girl names that is not limited to just 1000 names like most of other online websites. Instead, we have over 35,000 plus unique girl names that are convenient to browse.

View Complete list of unique girl names. Keeping major audiences in mind, we have created English and Indian unique girl names list seperately too.

Girl names by origin

For parents looking for a name from their culture, we have categorized girls names' lists based on different origin and languages spoken around the world. With over 60 different origins, we have a name for everyone.

Articles on Girl Names

Choosing a name for the baby is one of the most important yet difficult tasks for moms. Many a time, moms are presented with a variety of names, which are all elegant and cute. The process has been made even more difficult because of the numerous lists of names presented by websites with cute meanings ascribed to them....
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Yesterday we brought you an A to Z of underused and – in our opinion! – underappreciated boys names. Today? It's all about the girls! A is for Astrid – this is a really cool name with a huge amount of Viking sassiness. It means 'divinely beautiful' and we think it is too! B is for Briar – there's a tomboyish charm to thi...
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Yesterday we had a look through Ireland's top boys' names and compared them to our own. While there was definitely some overlap, there were a couple of new names, a few unexpected appearances, and some surprising omissions! Today it's the turn of the girls, so without much further ado: here's the top 10 Irish girls' names of 201...
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Yesterday we brought you the A to Z of boys' names, but of course we didn't forget the girls! Here are the 24 (ahem, U and Y!) names that made their way to the top last year: A is for Ava ...
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